GoDaddy is a popular web hosting and domain registration provider in the current market. It is recognized as one of the world’s largest provider of web hosting and one of the leading provides. Founded in 1997, GoDaddy has aggressively penetrated and dominated the web hosting market since then. Most of the plans are however tuned and targeted at medium to large businesses which requires heavy usage and advanced features. GoDaddy holds quite a few awards for their web services.

There are three plans Economy, Deluxe and Ultimate on both Linux and Windows platforms. MySQL and PHP are common in all the plans and the number of MySQL databases is differ in each of them. Subdomains are unlimited except for the Economy plan which imposes a restriction of 25. Advanced features like Ruby on Rails, Python are available in only deluxe and ultimate plans. There are a number of web apps like Joomla, WordPress, OsCommerce, Gallery scripts and phpBB which can be easily installed.

There are cons that make GoDaddy less preferable to few. Many of the add-on features like SSL Certificate are not free. Better DNS services will also require you to pay. Their cPanel is difficult to use and for normal users, carrying out a specific operation can prove to be really difficult. Changing permissions and configuring root directories is also not straight forward. Compared to other hosting providers, the features of GoDaddy are few and complex.

So, the final verdict is that GoDaddy is more suitable for professional businesses and medium to large scale enterprises whose top priority is stability and safety over the number of different features. Although there are some plans for beginners, these do not have all the features and for similar prices, there are many better alternatives to GoDaddy. If you are really unsure, then GoDaddy provides short term hosting plans from 1 month to 3 month contract period. You can buy one of these and test for your requirements. If you have professional level hosting requirement, then GoDaddy is one of the best. Their customer service is highly rated, which makes it possible for resolving your issues promptly.

  • Money back guarantee
  •   –   Few days (need to call)
  • Services offered
  •   –   Shared, VPS, Dedicated
  • Platforms available
  •   –   Linux, Windows
  • Control panels
  •   –   Custom Panel
  • Support options
  •   –   Phone, Email, Twitter
  • Server locations
  •   –   USA, Europe, Asia-Pacific
Conclusion Rating
5 stars
Customer Support
4 stars
Software & Features
3 stars
Reliability & Uptime
4 stars
Performance & Quality
4 stars

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