iPage is one of the best value for money hosting service in the market. They have very affordable web hosting plans with great features compared to their competitors. They claim to offer better security and privacy to users. iPage was formed in 1998 and has been inactive for some time in between. But with a rejuvenated website and services, the company resurfaced again to emerge as a leading provider of hosting at cheap and affordable rates to small businesses and personal websites.

iPage has a many positive aspects such as great flexibility, simple user interface, and advanced features at a much cheaper rate than most others. iPage provides only one hosting package named essential plan. The drag and drop site-builder provided is a great tool to design a website in a short period of time. Along with this, many applications like Joomla, Drupal and WordPress can be easily installed. The hosting package is ecommerce ready which means you can use it to start an online store. Email hosting is also provided with unlimited number of email address on your domain and unlimited number of domains can be hosted as well. As an added bonus, free credits for Google Adwords, Bing and Yahoo is available. iPage also provides free toll free number which is rare at such a price.

Now, coming to the negative aspects, customer feedback is that for advanced users who use MySQL excessively, iPage hosting plan gives out errors. iPage also has some server uptime issues which are very troublesome if you are looking to host a high profile website on this service. However, they have good customer support who try to help out its customers as soon as possible.

So, the final verdict is that iPage is good for beginners who are looking to start their first website. You can gain a lot of experience on the features provided by iPage by starting out with them. If you are planning to host an extremely important website to which the server uptime is very critical, avoid going with iPage. Overall, the cons are a tradeoff for price and excellent features provided by iPage.

  • Money back guarantee
  •   –   30 days
  • Services offered
  •   –   Shared
  • Platforms available
  •   –   Linux
  • Control panels
  •   –   Custom Panel
  • Support options
  •   –   Phone, Chat, Email
  • Server locations
  •   –   USA(Boston, MA)
Conclusion Rating
5 stars
Customer Support
3 stars
Software & Features
4 stars
Reliability & Uptime
3 stars
Performance & Quality
3 stars

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